shanghai drt show

Shanghai DRT Show April, 2017

Shanghai DRT Show April, 2017

During April 2017, PSAI China participated in the Diving & Resort Travel Expo Shanghai.  Additionally, PSAI China Licensee Gallup Lee and Instructor Trainer Han Ting cooperated to hold three successful seminars, educating the general public on diving safety and sharing stories on an exceptional free-diving filming project and some extraordinary cave diving exploration in Du An, China.  Several videos shown during the talks and in our booths have truly captivated and mesmerized the crowd.

From one generation passing onto the next generation, PSAI China has constantly been evolving, into a bigger and stronger team ever.  People are always considered the core asset of our organization.  There are many differences in each member’s characteristics, personality, cultural background and even skin colors.  Inevitably, everyone is unique in his or her own way, nonetheless our unity makes us become one big family.  We hunger for knowledge development, we strictly comply with safe diving activities and we uphold the highest integrity standard.  Safety, knowledge and integrity are the guiding principles of PSAI, in which this professional image is widely recognized by the diving community in China.

Here is a video and some photos taken during the show.

2017 年 4 月,PSAI (国际专业潛水协会) 中国再次参加了上海国际潜水暨度假观光展。此外,PSAI 中国持牌人李旭东及教练训谏官韩颋合作举办了三场成功的研讨会,教育公众了解潜水安全,分享了一个特殊的自由潜拍摄项目和中国都安一些非凡的洞潜探索故事。在会谈期间以及我们的摊位内播放的几个视频,都令观众及访客们扣人心弦。

代代相传,PSAI 中国不断地发展,更成为一支史无前例的强大团队。PSAI 成员是被认定为是我们组织的核心资产。每个成员的特征,个性,文化背景甚至肤色都有很多差异。无可否认,每个人都是独一无二的,有其自己的做事方针,但当我们团结起来,即造就成一个大家庭。我们渴求知识,我们严格遵守安全规定,我们坚持最高的诚信标准。

安全,知识及诚信就是 PSAI 的指引原则,我们团队的专业形象也因此而得到了中国潜水群内的广泛认可。

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