PSAI ABC Program™

PSAI ABC Program™
Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Technique

The PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim and Technique Program (PSAI ABC Program™) is designed to train divers in the benefits and proper procedures for mastering buoyancy control at all times. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may effectively increase their comfort level and their safety by fine-tuning their trim, position, kicking techniques and buoyancy in any diving environment.

  • PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Techniques Skills.
  • Advanced Buoyancy Control Defined.
  • The Fundamentals of Proper Trim.
  • Technique.
  • The S-Drill.
  • The Valve Drill.
  • The PSAI Fundamental-5.
  • Cylinder Removal & Replacement.
  • Deployment of the Surface Marker Buoy.
  • The Descent / Ascent Drill.
  • Proactive Awareness.

Imagine being able to carefully swim close to a reef, where you can safely enjoy small marine creatures many divers often overlook, by using anti-silt or anti-damage propulsion techniques. You can rotate your fins upward to look under ledges for eels or nurse sharks without kicking sand onto coral. You can enjoy close-up or macro photography, scull close to a subject for the photo opportunity, then backward kick away leaving nature undisturbed. The PSAI ABC Program™ Diver is an ambassador of the sea promoting ecology-minded diving that will protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

As a PSAI ABC Program™ Diver, you will develop the skills necessary to protect the environment through better propulsion techniques and equipment streamlining. You will learn to be a better dive buddy and a better leader to help keep your team safer underwater. You will undoubtedly have more fun because you will have more control, become more confident, and have exciting and essential skills in your toolbox.

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