PSAI Underwater Cave Survey and Cartography Diver

PSAI Underwater Cave Survey
and Cartography Diver

The Professional Scuba Association International’s Underwater Cave Survey & Cartography Diver course is designed to teach divers to properly use the tools required by a diver conducting cave survey and the tools used to take the data-points and other dive survey media, data and information to produce and accurate map of an underwater cave (in whole or in part) to the stated grade on the final map.

  • History of PSAI’s Cave Survey & Cartography Program
  • Equipment for Cave Survey & Cartography
  • Objectives and Benefits of Cave Survey and Cartography
  • PSAI Cave Cartography Accuracy Grades
  • Aspects Influencing the Degree of Detail on a Cave Map
  • Dive Planning and Safety
  • Line Protocols for Cave Survey and Mapping
  • Cartography Symbols for Maps of Underwater Caves
  • The Cave Survey Slate
  • The Wall Survey Slate
  • The Survey Project and Data Notebook
  • Plotting Survey Data
  • Surveying a Large Room or Chamber
  • Inking the Map
  • Finalizing the Map
  • Line Protocols for Permanent Guidelines Cylinder