PSAI Global HQ & PSAI China 10 Days Training & Summit Meeting

PSAI Global HQ & PSAI China
10 Day Training & Summit Meeting

PSAI China Licensee, Gallup Lee, was hosted for a 10 day learning and strategy get together at PSAI Global Headquarters in Michigan this November. During this time Gallup obtained his PSAI Technical Altitude Diving Instructor Trainer Status. There were also some extremely advanced seminars on various topics related to diving. PSAI Executive Chairman, Gary Taylor, sent Gallup home with a well of deep knowledge and information to draw from as he develops his PSAI China leadership team as well as PSAI IT’s and Instructors throughout China, Hong Kong and Macau. Gallup got to spend some late night hours looking through Gary’s collection of rare dive publications and archives. Gary got to learn how to properly make 粥 or congee. The time spent together was very enjoyable and productive.