PSAI Rleases a new PPT Slide Presentation

PSAI Releases a New PPT Slide Presentation

ppt slide abc

PSAI has just released the new PPT Slide Presentation for the PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Control, Trim & Technique Program (PSAI ABC Program™). This presentation is available to all PSAI ABC Program™ Instructors. Since this is an entirely new PSAI Program, PSAI Instructors should contact the PSAI Country Office under which they operate for information on the procedures they must follow to qualify to teach the PSAI ABC Program™, and to obtain the new PSAI Standards, Policies and Procedures for the PSAI ABC Program™.

The PSAI ABC Program™ Presentation is very comprehensive, in that it is comprised of 267 individual slides. This presentation is required for all instructors as a part of the classroom / lecture portion of the course. The PSAI ABC Program™ Slide Presentation follows the entire course scope and sequence in an interesting and easy to understand manner. It is a great asset to the PSAI ABC Program™ Instructor in communicating the subject matter of this unique dive program to their students.

For further information please contact your nearest PSAI Country Office or PSAI Global Headquarters.