Post DEMA Cave Diving Workshop

Post-DEMA Special Cave Diving Workshop & Advanced Multi-Staging Course

During an almost two weeks period following DEMA, PSAI President, Gary Taylor, conducted a special PSAI Cave Diving Workshop which was followed by a PSAI Advanced Cave Diving Multi-Staging Course. Participating were Gallup Y.T. Lee and Wong Ting Kwok both from Hong Kong; as well as PSAI Board Member James Charles and PSAI IT Carl B. Griffing, Jr.

The training and evaluations were intensive yet were also very informative as well as a lot of fun! Both Gallup and Kwok were so adept their cave diving skills, Gary was able to take them on an advanced penetration he had not been able to do with any group in over 25 years. You can see from the following photos some of what the group was involved in as well as the awesometime they had together.

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