meschio spring

Meschio’s Spring – January 2013

Meschio’s Spring – January 2013
By Michele De Mori – PSAI Full Cave Instructor Trainer &
PSAI Explorer Team Member

The Meschio’s Fount is a spectacular spring placed in north Italy near Treviso. The water is crystal clear and fresh. The cave is narrow. It’s ideal for the side mount. The biggest problem is the current, despite the visibility is almost always excellent, the water flow is constantly abundant and the flow changes even within a few hours. After several siphons, the cave ends under a big waterfall. My friend A.F. ascended it many years ago and he told me that the underground river goes inside the mountain reaching a significant depth.

Waterproofmen team is trying to continue this exploration.

On the January 19th, 2013 expedition, we were willing to reach the waterfall to study the system to prepare for the ascent. However, the flow was far too strong and it did not allow us to continue. Until there is a long dry period, is unthinkable to continue. However, patience helps the brave. So we stay in waiting for a better time.

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