PSAI Cave Diving Manual

PSAI Cave Diving Manual

The PSAI Cave Diving Manual has been authored by three foremost PSAI Cave Instructor Trainer Evaluators who have over 100 combined years of cave diving experience. It is informative, comprehensive and gives the reader very practical information and knowledge.

This manual is used as part of the PSAI: Intro to Cave, Apprentice Cave, & Full Cave Diver Programs.

242 pages

  • Cave Diving Training & the Part of PSAI in the History of Cave Diving.
  • An Overview of the History of Cave Diving.
  • Mastering Buoyancy for Cave Diving.
  • Navigation with Guideline.
  • Planning the Dive.
  • The Use of Nitrox for Cave Diving.
  • Decompression Illness.
  • Breathing Gas Management.
  • Stress and Attitude.
  • Handling Emergencies in the Cave Environment.
  • Review of Accident Analysis.
  • Cave Exploration.
  • Protecting the Fragile Cave Environment.

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