PSAI Narcosis Management®

PSAI Narcosis Management® Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

PSAI Narcosis Management® is our signature course, with 50 years of continuous development and perfection behind it. This training, the best in the world, has divers perform only the underwater skills that relate to the actual real world of diving. Divers will be required to keep up with Depth, Air, Time and Awareness (DATA). Divers must become comfortable and competent with the mental and motor skills at each training depth before training down to the next level. PSAI is the only agency offering Narcosis Management® training down to 240 feet (73 meters). It is taught in seven different depth levels, allowing the diver choice of training depth. This Narcosis Management® course is taught on air, to better prepare divers for Trimix diving which requires the use of the less forgiving helium based gases. Good buoyancy control, gas management, gas switches and runtimes are best learned while diving on air. However, divers certified on other gas mixtures or rebreathers can also benefit from Narcosis Management® training.

The PSAI Narcosis Management® Program is taught in even levels. The bottom mix for each level is usually air. Narcosis Management® is the objective measured in terms of keeping track of Depth, Air, Time and Awareness (DATA).

The levels and depths are as follows:

Level I 30m (100′)
Level II 40m (130′)
Level III 45m (150′)
Level IV 55m (180′)
Level V 60m (200′)
Level VI 67m (218′)
Level VII 73m (240′)
  • Introduction to Narcosis Management®.
  • Extended Range Diving Safety Guidelines.
  • Equipment Requirements.
  • Extended Range Recreational Dive Planning Procedures.
  • Theoretical Physiological Concepts of Extended Range Diving.
  • Effects of High Altitude.
  • Use of the PSAI Extended Range Dive Planning Sheet.
  • The PSAI Narcosis Management® Dive Slate.

The PSAI Narcosis Management® certification will set any diver apart from divers from any other certification agency.

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