PSAI Advanced Wreck

PSAI Advanced Wreck:
Penetration-Overhead Diver

The Professional Scuba Association International’s (PSAI) Advanced Wreck: Penetration-Overhead Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to penetrate wrecks using proper techniques. These penetrations are not simple swim-throughs, but rather multi-level or multi-turn dives. This course is NOT a “progressive penetration” memorization technique course. The dive team will always maintain a continuous guideline leading to the exit while in the wreck overhead environment, The diver(s) shall not dive deeper than they have been previously certified. The maximum depth of this course shall be limited to the previous air training depth of the candidate, or 55m (180 feet), whichever is shallower. For the training or any penetration dives, the maximum allowed Equivalent Narcosis Depth (END) is 40m (130 feet), if the candidate is certified to such depths.

  • The Adventure of Wreck Penetration or Overhead Diving.
  • Potential Risks & Hazards Associated with Wreck Diving.
  • Equipment for Advanced Wreck Diving.
  • Propulsion Techniques and Buoyancy Control.
  • Wreck Penetration Guidelines.
  • Gas Management.
  • Pre-Dive Preparation for Wreck Diving.
  • Advanced Wreck Diving Procedures and Operations.
  • Underwater Communication for Wreck Diving.
  • Managing Stress and Preventing Panic.
  • Dealing With Emergencies.
  • Review of Accident Analysis.
  • Researching Wrecks to Dive.
  • Wreck Diving Conservation and the Law.

For many divers, the PSAI Advanced Wreck – Penetration – Overhead Diving Course is their second step into the realm of shipwreck exploration, as most will have completed the PSAI Sport Wreck Diving Course prior to taking this course. This course teaches the necessary elements to explore the wreck interior or overhead environment on wrecks where penetration is deemed possible and safe.

The PSAI Advanced Wreck Diving course is by far the most progressive and comprehensive Advanced Wreck course offered by any certification agency. The manual consists of 222 pages full of practical advanced wreck diving information.

advanced wreck manual