PSAI Advanced Rebreather Diver

PSAI Advanced Rebreather Diver
(Decompression Diving)

The PSAI Advanced Re-breather Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to use a Semi-Closed or Closed Circuit Re-breather with Nitrox pre-mix or an air diluent during their decompression diving activities.

Depth Qualification following successful completion of this course is commensurate with the students own diving experience and choice of re-breather. These PSAI parameters are offered as maximum depths:

If PSAI Advanced Nitrox certificate is taught as part of the course the student will be assessed as diving to a maximum of 45 meters (150ft) and able to undertake correct decompression diving skills and stops. The PSAI Advanced Nitrox certificate will also be issued. If previous formal experience shows training in decompression skills diving then the additional Advanced Nitrox qualification need not be issued but 45 meters will still remain the maximum depth permissible.

Where a student wishes to undertake non-decompression diving on a re-breather following this standard, the maximum depth qualification will be maximum 40 meters (135ft). The qualification will be Sport Re-breather Diver, not Advanced Re-breather Diver.